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Battery Replacement

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iPhone battery replacements are $40. We offer a 6-month warranty on our batteries.

Replacements for you Macbook or iMac vary. Please call so that we can look up your model.

When you get a new battery here a few steps to follow to make sure the battery reaches its full life potential:

  • Charge it to 100%
  • Do not let it fall below 20% before charging it up again.
  • Make sure you do not expose the phone to extreme heat or extreme cold for prolonged periods of time. This can destroy the battery life.

Sometimes batteries get drained; however, it might not be an issue with the battery. It could be an issue with the charge port, your cord, or even a software issue!

We can test your battery, and if you still have a good battery, we will explore what else might be causing the drain.

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