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iPhone Speaker Repair & Replacement

Speaker parts replacements between $59 - $89.
iPhones have BEAUTIFUL sound.
If you can't experience the beauty - We Can Help!

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1-Hour or Less

Most iPhone speakers repaired or replaced in under an hour. We do get busy, so don't hesitate to call to see how busy we are. 

On-Hand Parts

We carry heavy stock of most iPhone parts, including speakers. By keeping stock we can replace any malfunctioning speaker quickly. 

iphone with broken speaker is fixed by the iphone professor in bend, oregon
fixing an iphone speaker issue. Somtimes something is loose.
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iPhone Speaker Repair and Replacement in Bend, Oregon

We understand how important it is to have an iPhone that works and works well. Sometimes it’s crucial to your happiness. You wouldn’t want to miss a call from Grandma because you didn’t hear the ring!

Most if not all ‘current’ iPhones have two speakers, these speakers work together to create AMAZING sound for such a little device. They do occasionally experience issues that need to be fixed so you can get back to thumping your latest Soundcloud mix. Often these issues are not easy to diagnose – BUT The iPhone Professor is here to help!

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Tips YOU Can Try To Fix Your iPhone Speaker

Before you give us a call or bring it in we have a few tips you can try. Sometimes that issue isn't with the actual speaker parts but more with the software that controls the parts. Checking to make sure that a setting didn't get set incorrectly or resetting software that might have gotten hung up is easy enough to do. 

Simply restarting your phone can reset some internal software and give your phone a nice kick in the butt to get it sorted. 

It’s possible that your phone’s sound is being routed to and broadcast by another speaker. Admittedly, it’s happened here at The iPhone Professor many times. 

This one is a little more of a pain, but it could save you a trip and some hard cash if it’s just a network setting issue. Keep in mind you’ll lose some network settings like WIFI passwords. 

It can happen that the headphone jack starts to malfunction. Check to see if when you insert and then remove the headphones if the speaker starts to work. If it does, you’ll need to come see us so we can get that fixed!

If non of these tips help solve your iPhone speaker issue give us a call or stop-in – WE’RE SUPER HAPPY TO HELP!

iPhone Speaker Replacement Pricing

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Happy Customers

Fast service. Thought I had a battery issue, but somehow a random cable came loose inside. Thanks for the great service!!!
Bend, Oregon
This is your store!! Fixed my phone while I waited, it was one of them days, email down, ear speaker not working.. walked out all hearing and connected! Thank you!!
Redmond, Oregon
These folks were amazing! I brought my phone right in before closing, and they rushed to have it done early the next morning. I really appreciate the friendly service, and going above and beyond to expedite my phone. Thanks guys!
DRW, Oregon

Fast, Friendly iPhone Speaker Repair in 1-Hour or Less