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Speaker Repair / Replacement

iphone speaker repalcement

iPhone Speaker Repair

There are many reasons that an iDevice could have audio issues.  Often the issue is not easily diagnosed.  Or worse, the issue is misdiagnosed costing you money.  Therefore, let the iPhone Professor help you keep your beats bumping and your Youtube hits rolling!

We know that the performance of your device is crucial to your happiness.  How else are you supposed to talking to friends on speaker phone?  Or go on a run while blasting music?  Or simply listen to important voice memos?  Bottom line, you need your iPhone to work!

Interestingly there are several speakers and microphones on the iPhone in surprising locations.  At The iPhone Professor and we are prepared to get your device back up and running quickly.  Consequently, we carry most iPhone parts in house.  In fact we do most iPhone repairs in less than an hour!!  To see what other services we offer click the link –> iPhone Professor Services.

Here are some items to check before you bring your iPhone in for a hardware replacement:

  1. Make sure the phone is not set to silent and ensure that the volume in not turned all the way down. It happens!
  2. See if the phone thinks there is a headphone jack is engaged (this can happen even if the headphones are not plugged in).
  3. Try turning off Bluetooth, it’s quite possible that the sound is being routed elsewhere.
  4. If none of the above work, then come see The iPhone Professor.

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