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iPhone Battery Replacement Starting at $40

♥ Your Phone Will Be like NEW Again & Your Battery Performance Will SKYROCKET!
♥ Welcome Back to 100% Efficiency
♥ Battery Life Extended! Ski and Bike Without Worry
♥ It's WAY LESS EXPENSIVE Than a New Phone
♥ You'll Get MANY MORE Years of Life

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NEW - We NOW Replace Other Portable Tech Batteries

Macbook, Macbook Air, Macbook Pro, Laptops, Tablets and MORE!

The iPhone Professor not only replaces iPhone batteries, but is able to do battery replacements for the MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and PC laptops. 

Prices for these battery replacements will vary so please call to get a firm price.

the iPhone Professor working in iphone battery replacement
repairing a bad iphone battery by removing the back of he phone
removing phone screws to replace iphone battery

iPhone Battery Replacement by The Professor

iPhone battery replacements at the iPhone Professor starts at $40. Very new iPhones may require a quote as new battery prices fluctuate. We use quality batteries as well as OEM and after market parts for all our iPhone repairs. OEM parts come from a verified source and we count on them to be the best quality. We don’t use anything we wouldn’t use in our own iPhones.

iPhone Battery Warranty

We offer a 30 day warranty on all batteries. Using the BEST quality gear means that we put a TON of faith in the products we work with. The suppliers we use for our parts have been vetted and you can trust you’re getting the very best. 

iPhone Battery Replacements in 20-Minutes or Less

The Professor can do most iPhone battery replacements in 20 minutes or less. We do get busy, so if you’re in a hurry please call ahead to double check. 

We’ve been working with iPhone, tablets, computers and other tech devices for over 10-years. We’re experienced and know how to do a great job, fast. If we weren’t efficient, we wouldn’t be able to offer the prices we have. 

Bad Battery Performance Might Not Be A Bad Battery

Poor battery performance may not be an issue with the iPhone battery at all. It could be an issue with the phone’s charge port, the USB cord, or it could even be a software issue! We can check this at the time of diagnosing your phone. We will explore what the issue is with your iPhone. Then we will explain in simple down to earth terms what your options are with up front pricing.

iPhone Battery Replacement Pricing

iPhone Model

Battery Cost

iPhone 5/5C/5S Battery Replacement $40.00
iPhone 5SE Battery Replacement $40.00
iPhone 6 Battery Replacement $40.00
iPhone 6+ Battery Replacement $40.00
iPhone 6S Battery Replacement $40.00
iPhone 6S+ Battery Replacement $40.00
iPhone 7 Battery Replacement $40.00
iPhone 7+ Battery Replacement $40.00
iPhone 8 Battery Replacement $40.00
iPhone 8+ Battery Replacement $40.00
iPhone X Battery Replacement $80.00
iPhone XR Battery Replacement $80.00
iPhone XS Battery Replacement $80.00
iPhone XSM Battery Replacement $80.00
iPhone 11 Battery Replacement


iPhone 11 Pro Battery Replacement


iPhone 11 Pro Max Battery Replacement


Happy Customers

I have been using the iPhone Professor for my family's iPhone and Mac needs for the last two years. We initially tried other iPhone specialist but the iPhone Professor is by far and away the most professional of them all. The techs are top notch, the reception staff is kind, and the service and prices are almost too good to be true. With quality this good and prices this competitive there is no where else we will ever go. Please consider giving them you business so that we can keep them as our go-to Apple support for our Bend community.
Bend, Oregon
The problem I had was my first gen iPhone would not charge. I walk right in and Mactek was able to fix the problem right away by just cleaning it. No charge, no hassle and feel kind of silly I did not try to clean the charge port myself.
Bend, Oregon

Tips For When You Get A New iPhone Battery

The iPhone Professor is a small family business that has relied on a solid foundation of quality work, transparent pricing, and unmatched customer service. Come in and see how the iPhone Professor is changing the “Tech” industry one client at a time.