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We're able to unlock iPhone and iPad passcodes. Sometimes, through iCloud, we can even recover your data in the process!

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Stop the Frustration - We Can Help Unlock Your Phone

We’ve successfully helped hundreds of people recover from a locked iPhone. Getting locked out of an iPhone or iPad is very hard on the nerves. If you have made too many attempts to get into your phone, then your iPhone will need to be restored to factory settings. That’s where we can help.

The Good

The good news is that we can help you unlock your phone and you phone will be like NEW. It will appear as it did the first day you pulled it out of the box.

The Bad

However, your personal information MIGHT be lost. BUT – Don’t give up hope! It may be possible to recover your information, using iCloud! We’ve been successful at helping to recover valuable data time and time again. 

Let The iPhone Professor Help Recover Your Information

This is where The iPhone Professor can help. It’s possible that your information can be successfully recovered. We need you to call us first, to see if it’s possible – We’ll let you know then what to do next. 

We’ve Done This Many Times

We have worked with hundreds of clients over the years and we understand the frustration and loss that can happen with your phone. Email, or better yet call us, and we’ll explain the next steps.

What about a forgotten Apple ID password?

The task of recovering an Apple ID can be unnerving and taxing. If you feel comfortable navigating the recovery of your password through Apple ID Password Recovery go here – iforgot.apple.com.

Let The iPhone Professor help you through all the tech stuff.

For those of you who aren’t comfortable with the idea of navigating a forgotten password alone, let The iPhone Professor help you. We’ll do all the technical work and will have you leaving our store happy, and set up with a new password.