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We're able to unlock iPhone and iPad passcodes. Sometimes, through iCloud, we can even recover your data in the process!

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Stop the Frustration - We Can Help Unlock Your Phone

We’ve successfully helped hundreds of people recover from a locked iPhone. Getting locked out of an iPhone or iPad is very hard on the nerves. If you have made too many attempts to get into your phone, then your iPhone will need to be restored to factory settings. That’s where we can help.

The Good

The good news is that we can help you unlock your phone and you phone will be like NEW. It will appear as it did the first day you pulled it out of the box.

The Bad

However, your personal information MIGHT be lost. BUT – Don’t give up hope! It may be possible to recover your information, using iCloud! We’ve been successful at helping to recover valuable data time and time again. 

Let The iPhone Professor Help Recover Your Information

This is where The iPhone Professor can help. It’s possible that your information can be successfully recovered. We need you to call us first, to see if it’s possible – We’ll let you know then what to do next. 

We’ve Done This Many Times

We have worked with hundreds of clients over the years and we understand the frustration and loss that can happen with your phone. Email, or better yet call us, and we’ll explain the next steps.

But First Have You Tried Apple ID Password Recovery?

What about a forgotten Apple ID password?

The task of recovering an Apple ID can be unnerving and taxing. If you feel comfortable navigating the recovery of your password through Apple ID Password Recovery go here – iforgot.apple.com.

Let The iPhone Professor help you through all the tech stuff.

For those of you who aren’t comfortable with the idea of navigating a forgotten password alone, let The iPhone Professor help you. We’ll do all the technical work and will have you leaving our store happy, and set up with a new password.

Future Tips to Avoid a locked iPhone

TIP #1

First – we recommend you to back up your iPhone regularly.

This will allow you to pick up right where you left off – almost. You might lose immediate data but regular backups will have you frequent data ready to upload back to your phone if it needs to be reset.

If you need help with this, we can configure your iPhone to regularly back up to iCloud. Just stop on the shop.

TIP #2

Second, when trying to guess the passcode of your phone and you’re just not getting it – STOP GUESSING.

If you can – Immediately plug the phone into your ‘normal’ iTunes computer. While this will not allow you to remove the passcode, it will allow you to restore your iPhone from a previous backup without having to restore your phone to factory settings. This is by far one of your better options. There is a great chance none of your information will be lost.

Additional iPhone Services to Prevent Locked Phones

  • We can setup your phone to automatically back-up on a regular basis, saving all your important information.
  • We can set up your phone and your iTunes account so when you do need to recover your passcode it’s SUPER EASY. 

Password Managers for iPhones

Passwords and passcodes can be hectic information to juggle.

Password managers take all the hassle out of remembering a ton of very specific information. Password managers hold your private login information and easily apply that information to websites when you need them. When you browse a site that needs login information, your information can EASILY be entered.

Now you can be safer and more secure by not having a single login and passcode combination for EVERYTHING. Keep them changed and change them often.

We use and recommend the following (click name to check them out):

Unlock iPhone FAQs

Fortunately, NO! That’s what makes it so safe. Unfortunately, if you’re asking this question it might be too late.
It’s best to not insert the wrong passcode over 10 times. Every time you enter a wrong passcode you will get a timeframe that you’ll have to wait until BAM – you’re locked out for good. Don’t get there, read our tips above to prevent this, and the loss of valuable information.

After 10 failed attempts you won’t be able to unlock your iPhone. The only way to get the phone operational again is to reset it. This means a loss of data, if you do not have backups set to your iCloud.
We hope you have a recent back up. If not, we can help with setting up a backup on a regular basis. We can also help reset your phone if you don’t feel comfortable. We’ve successfully restored and recovered information for hundreds of customers.

You can! But it takes some work. It requires that you access iCloud, use Find My iPhone service and forget or delete the phone. Keep in mind it will wipe everything off the phone.
We can help you remotely if you don’t feel comfortable.