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We're here to help you have the best experience with your tech products.

Customer Service - VERY IMPORTANT

You’ve might have been here before – your phone, computer or other device is NOT WORKING. Either it’s physically broken, the software is messed up, or you simply haven’t learned the new features or processes. 

We understand the challenges that technology can present. It’s ever changing and requires constant learning. Our team stays on top of new tech, we’re what you call ‘early adopters’. But more importantly, we can help you with your tech. 

We’re here to make the use of your technology as carefree as possible.

We can fix your broken phone, computer, network, printer – you name it! We have over 35+ years of combined experience. We can set up your home office, or set up your away from home office. We can plan out your entire office needs, buy all the gear, and install it. We can even teach you and your staff to use it! Each office is different, so each project is different.

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iPhone Professors Guarantee to Our Customers

We use both OEM Grade and aftermarket parts for our repairs. OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer and it’s a part for the device that was manufactured by the owner. So if it’s an iPhone and it’s an OEM part, Apple supplied the part for your fix.

We guarantee our parts are of high quality and offer dependable performance that you can rely on. Installing these parts requires attention to detail and steady hands. Our techs have years of experience, have all the best tools, and are up to date on the latest techniques.

That is our niche. We are able to replace most iPhone screens, in an hour or less, using OEM or aftermarket replacement screens. 

Our LCD 30 Day Warranty

We have a 30 day warranty on our screens at The iPhone Professor. These screens are tested at the factory and will perform as an original Apple Screen. If you have questions about the products we use, then please give us a call. We are happy to answer any questions you may have!

The iPhone Professor promises quality, integrity, and transparency.