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Water Damage Repair for iPhones & iPads

READ THIS - Immediate Steps For What To Do If Your Phone Gets Wet

Do NOT touch a phone that is submersed in water and is still connected to the charging cord. You can suffer electrocution. 

If your device is on, turn it off immediately. If your device is already off – DO NOT TURN IT ON. This can do further damage to your device and render it a total loss. 

Even if you think you’ve gotten all the water out of the inside of the device, it’s not a good idea to plug it in until this can be confirmed. 

If you cannot make it to a repair facility your best bet is to use silica packets for several days and depending on the severity of the water damage, this could take a while. 

We have special tools and techniques we use to dry out your device, clean up any corrosion that grows over time, treat the components, and look for further damage. 

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Some of the parts on electrical devices use glue and are heat sensitive. We do not recommend using a hairdryer or putting your phone or computer in the oven to “dry” out the device.

This can have serious consequences and solidify the death of your device. 

Using rice can introduce debris into internals of your device, creating more issues later on.  

The internals of your iPhone, iPad, and other devices are very delicate. Introduction of foreign debris can eventually kill your device. 

Further Steps You Can Take To Improve Recovery Success

Paper towels can be used in a pinch but we recommend your shirt at the very least. A cloth that won’t leave behind tiny particles is best.  

If you can remove the battery, do so. Wipe off any water you find. Do not use blown air. 

Remove the Sim Card and any devices attached to your device. Wipe These off too. 

If it’s your phone – hold it upright with the charging port to the bottom. Tilt from side to side to try and drain as MUCH water as possible. 

If it’s your computer – tilt it on it’s side and find a port closest to a corner to allow additional water to drain. 

We’ve been very successful in recovering phones with water damage. We have several tools and techniques at our disposal. And with our experience we’ll know what needs to be done. 

Cost for water damage recovery ranges from $40 to $99+ parts. Way better than buying a new device, with the peace of mind of potentially saving your data. 

We Can Save Your Photos, Videos, and Personal Information

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Water damage can be devastating to your personal information and destroy your device. Whether your iPhone has been in the Deschutes River or the kitchen sink, we will do everything we can to get your device working again and preserve any of your data! 

We charge a $25 fee to diagnose your device. Our techs have years of experience working with water damaged devices. We are able to work with iPhones, iPads, and all Apple Computers. We will diagnose and determine if it can be fixed and whether your personal information can be saved! 

We will then call you to inform you of the Device status and give you further pricing. Only after we get your approval will we then move forward and fix your Device. No price gouging or hidden fees. We want to have the opportunity to fix your water damaged device. We want to have the opportunity to save your information. 

Water Damaged! What should you do!

If you are reading this and you have a water damaged device, then we strongly suggest that the device not be turned on for any reason. Scroll up to view the immediate steps you should take. We also advise not putting your device in rice. Generally, the more wet the device the better chance of recovery. That being said you will want to bring the device in as soon as possible. 

Ultimately, you will want to have the device opened, cleaned, and dried out by a professional!

Don’t LOSE your photos, videos and other data – GET IT TO The iPhone Professor ASAP! 

iPhone Water Damage FAQs

There is no guarantee but we've been successful several times. If you follow our tips and get it to us FAST, the chances that you're device will be saved increased drastically. 

We have special tools and techniques we use to remove the water, remove anything the water left behind, and treat the internal components to prevent further damage.  

We will charge $25 to diagnose your device and let you know if it has a chance to be saved. 

If we try and save your device but are unsuccessful you'll just pay $40 - total. 

If we successfully fix your device you'll pay $99 plus any parts we need to replace - total.  

Fixing an iPhone or a device after a drink in any liquid is not a fast or easy process. It may take up to a few days to a week to get all the water out, clean it, replace any parts, and get it functioning again. 

However, most water damaged devices only need a day or two.