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iPhone and iPad Screen Repairs

iphone screen replacement at the iPhone Professor in Bend, Oregon


Screen Repair Pricing – LIFETIME Warranty on LCD Screens

The iPhone Professor has, hands down, the best quality LCD replacement screens in Bend, Oregon.  We guarantee the functionality, usability and brightness of your iPhone screen replacement.  With iPhone screen replacements done in an hour or less, the iPhone Professor will have back up in running in no time. Due to high demand the iPhone Professor now offers two options for iPhone screen replacements.  For this reason we have aftermarket screens and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Screens. Your choice and we instal!

———————————After Market                         OEM

iPhone 8 Plus:                        $149                                  Please call 

iPhone 8:                                  $139                                  Please call 

iPhone 7 Plus:                       $139                                  Please call 

iPhone 7:                                 $129                                  Please call 

iPhone 6s Plus:                    $110                                  Please call

iPhone 6s:                                $99                                   Please call

iPhone 6 Plus:                     $110                                   Please call 

iPhone 6:                                  $99                                   Please call 

iPhone 5SE:                            $89                                   Please call

iPhone 5, 5c and 5s:           $79                                  Please call

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To see ALL iPhone Repair that we offer click this link.

iPad screen repairs are $119.00.  The iPad Air 2, iPad Pro, and iPad Mini 4 are more expensive to fix because of their highly specialized screens.  Give us a call for a quote:  541-241-8765.

iPhone Screen Replacement

The iPhone Professor extends a LIFETIME warranty on all screen replacements!  Further, we guarantee the functionality, usability, and brightness of your iPhone screen replacement.  Additionally, we do screen replacement for iPhones, iPads, and iPods.  Best of all, do most iPhone screen replacements and repairs in less than an hour.  The iPhone Professor uses OEM grade parts for all screen repairs!  Why settle for anything less?  The iPhone Professor is focused on having our client be happy and satisfied with a quality repair.  The iPhone Professor offers a comfortable and inviting environment for you to relax in while your phone is being fixed.  In addition we have a lounge and complimentary coffee, kombutcha, and beer on tap.  Therefore, come in and see the Professor for a new tech experience.

iPad Screen Repair

iPad screen repairs are $119.00.  The iPad Air 2, iPad Pro, and iPad Mini 4 are more expensive to fix because of their highly specialized screens.  Give us a call for a quote:  541-241-8765.

Do you have AppleCare?

With AppleCare you may be able to replace your iPhone with a refurbished device through Apple for $50.  While the price is attractive the turn around time on an AppleCare refurbished phone can be 4-7 days; without the convenience of a loaner phone.  If you have the standard 1-year Apple hardware warranty or no warranty, then you will not be eligible for an Apple refurbished replacement iPhone.  To check coverage of your iPhone, through Apple, use the following link: Check my Apple Coverage.

Bottom line, why wait for an iPhone fix when you could have your iPhone working, like new, in under an hour.  The iPhone Professor guarantees all work and is focused on a professional repair and client experience.

Online Kits!?!?

Apple specifically designed the iPhone to be very difficult to open up and work on (it’s just part of their philosophy).  Repairs can be quite difficult and time consuming for an untrained tech.  Some iPhone models have their screens glued on and replacing them requires disassembling the entire phone and removing all the components.  Other iPhone models require going through the back of the phone, just to reach the front.  

Finally, we STRONGLY recommend not trying to open your iPhone on your own.  There are many tiny screws that are easy to lose or can put back in the wrong place. Also, there are many paper-thin cables that are amazingly easy to rip through, which would essentially destroy your phone.  Certainly it is best to leave the job to a professional like the iPhone Professor.  

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