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Ugh! WIFI Issues!

Get Your iPhone WIFI Repaired FAST

Who hasn't had issues with their WIFI? Anyone? 
WIFI issues are very common. Read our tips below. If those don't work, come see us!

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We Work On All Apple Computer Products That Connect To WIFI

Macbook, Macbook Air, Macbook Pro, iPhones, iPads, - etc.

We Also Service Other NON-APPLE Devices - Just call and ask about your device!

If you have a device that connects to a network – WIFI, Cellular, Bluetooth – doesn’t matter –
We Can Fix It!
We can replace WIFI antennas, reset software, and configure it for proper connectivity.

Get your iphone wifi repaired fast

WIFI For Your iPhone is Essential

We know and understand not having an online connection can bring a business and/or personal communication to a stand still. Having wifi is a basic utility for iDevices today. It’s like having water or electricity.

First Things First - Reset Your Router

The MOST common issue with WIFI connectivity isn’t your iPhone, iPad or Apple computer – It’s Your Router!
Flip that router off for a minute or so and then back on – See if that helps. 

Call Us First

If you've tried to reset your router you can also try to reset your phones network. This will remove any saved info for network passwords. If all that fails CALL US - we can run through a few more things before we need to get our hand on your system.

We Can Come To You

We can come to you to fix your network issues. Or if you think it’s an issue with your phone we can run diagnostics here at our shop. Surprisingly, the myriad of issues that cause wifi issues are easily fixed. Many times the likely culprit of your wifi issues is your router. However, things can become more complex and complicated if the issue lies with your modem or network. Give us a call and we can walk you through a few steps to, fingers crossed, get your WIFI up and running again. If we’re not able to resolve your issue over the phone, then we have the ability to come to you!