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Computer Tutoring

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House Calls and In-Office Tutoring

Computer tutoring is something we love to do!  Schedule a house call or in-office visit for repairs, knowledge growth, troubleshooting, home theatre setup, or other need.

We excel at device repair, but we are also experts at helping people get their devices setup and working properly. If you have an iPhone, iPad, iPod or other device, we’ll gladly set you up. We will also meet your computer setup and tech support needs. (Check Mactek for your computer needs).

How we can help:

• iDevice setup and use

• Setup automatic backups

• Backup before getting a new device

• Offsite backups

• Application setup, troubleshooting, and use

• Email setup
– Setup a unified inbox
– Sync all of your email accounts properly

• Operating System (OS) updates

• Data transfer/Data recovery

• Troubleshoot specific issues to meet your needs

Need help with your Mac or PC? We can help with that as well! Check us out at Mactek.

Give us a call to schedule an appointment. There is no problem too challenging for us. Technology can be tricky and non-intuitive, and we enjoy helping and educating our clients!

Tutoring Fees:

For in-office appointments, we charge $25 for the first 15 minutes, and $1 per minute thereafter.

For offsite visits to your home/office we charge $99/hr.

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