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Water Damage Tips

Quick Tips for When You Drop Your Device in Water

Did you drop your phone in a puddle or in the snow while on the mountain? Maybe you dropped it in a toilet or it went through the wash cycle! Or did you fall into the Deschutes? (Yes, that happens). We are here to help!

Water damage is unfortunately a common problem. Water damage can cause your device to become unusable and all the photos, videos and other data that was stored on your device can be lost forever (unless you did a backup of course, but for most, doing that consistently is rare.)

Sometimes your device survives the dunk! We have a few tips to help your device bounce back!

Here are 7 suggested tips if you suspect your device has come into contact with water.

We are assuming you quickly got the device out of the water and immediately dried off all surface areas of the phone. Take a Q-Tip and absorb any moisture from the audio jack, speakers, and other small input/output areas.

  1. Do not turn on device.
  2. If device is powered on, power it down immediately.
  3. Bring into iPhone Professor A.S.A.P. 
  4. Do not plug in device, not even for a little peak to see if it will turn on. This could solidify the death of your device. Please do not plug it in. 
  5. Do not use heat. You can cause further damage by using a hairdryer.
  6. Bring your device to a professional who can open your device, dry it out, and take a look for any damaged parts.

There are water damage indicators in the device. Any technician who opens up your phone will be able to see without a doubt that water has or has not gotten inside your device.

If you have any other questions. We are here to help!


Please backup your valuable data!

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