iPhone & Mac Repair Bend, Oregon iPhone Professor


Hello everyone, our latest update is as you guessed, group tutoring! This will start up in the beginning of January 2022! Exciting and a great option for an overall education on how to get the best usage on your device and full understanding on how to operate them. What is also amazing is you have others around you to talk about your struggles. You also get to be closer with your community and get to go through the tutoring course with a group! We will teach anything from you adding new mailboxes to freeing up storage on either your phone or computer. The group lessons will be for iPad/iPhones or Macbook/iMacs. Timing is going to be flexible as we are going to survey our customers for the best time frames. Will have a class once a month with five spots available for each class we have. You can always call or email with shorter questions in regards to computer/ phone issues. For those of you doing private tutoring that will still be available and for those of you who might need extra Apple guidance you can always look into that. We will share more information as it comes up in regards to the lessons, hope to see you all there!